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to the american people. >> the white house says it's considering whether president obama should meet one on one with president putin at the g 20 summit in russia this year. lawmakers from both political parties want even tougher action than that, more on that part of the story coming up. first to the fox report correspondent jonathan hunt in the "america's newsroom." what is next for edward snowden. >> now is he literally free to move about the country of russia as a refugee as russia has now officially labeled him. is he entitled to government housing, he might also get a hotel room and rent an apartment according to his lawyer who said today, quote: he now is one of the most sought after men in the world. the issue of security is very important to him: snowden himself in a statement thanking the russian government and said over the past 8 weeks we have seen the obama administration show no respect for international or domestic law but in the end, the law is winning. so, for now, harris, edward snowden's home is somewhat ironically a country not exactly known as a paragon of individual libert
are awaiting president obama's decision on military action against the government of syria. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. today, the administration went public with evidence that appears to show syrian military forces carried out a chemical weapons strike against civilians. one that left more than 141400 people dead, including more than 400 children. and president obama said we cannot accept a world in which innocent people are gassed on a terrible scale as he put it. >> the world has an obligation to make sure we maintain the norm against the use of chemical weapons. now, i have not made a final decision about various actions that might be taken to help enforce that norm. >> his comments came a short time after the white house released a declassified version of an intelligence report. it detailed the evidence against syrian leader bashar al assad fors. what we know about the alleged chemical weapons attack in damascus last week. it's something the secretary of state john kerry says matters to all of us he called it a crime against conscience it's are will its findings are clear as
. now the white house plans to brief congress about the intelligence tomorrow. president obama has just spoken a few moments ago about the crisis in syria and a possible u.s. response. our ed henry live at the white house. ed, is the president any closer to a decision today? >> it seems like he's getting closer, harris. you noted that fox has learned that the white house tomorrow will brief key lawmakers about the intelligence they have. what we have not got yet, though, is a public report on some of that intelligence declassified so the public can see what evidence the white house, the president, does have before potentially launching military action. the other thing we have not seen is the president make any sort of public case for military action, some sort of address to the nation. he's edging closer to that in his interview tonight with pbs wherefore the first time he hints at military action. remember late last week he did an interview with cnn where he focused much or on the united nations, working, going slow. tonight while he insists he hasn't made a final decision, he talks op
squad. plus, a policy shift at the white house. president obama and the spying scandal. >> please have a seat. >> president obama answering questions on a wide range of topics, on the nsa surveillance. >> america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. >> and some changes ahead. >> i will work with congress to pursue appropriate reforms. >> on our relationship with russia. >> i don't have a bad personal relationship with putin. >> on ed snowden himself. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. >> and on obama care. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> tonight, q&a at the white house. and we'll get to that. but first from fox this friday night, a teenage girl at the center of a kidnap case is alive and in good health. that's the word from somebody who reported seeing her with the suspected kidnapper. investigators have also now found his suspect's car. and they say there is no evidence that the suspect is holding her against her will. the girl's name is hannah anderson. she's 16. i
should. it starts right now. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, putin put down. president obama sends a very public message to the russian president, but will it get the white house any closer to arresting the secret leaker ed snowden. and big controversy in florida after teenagers beat a classmate on a school bus and a father's plea to his child's suspected kidnapper. >> i'm begging to you let my daughter go. >> shepard: this man, suspected of killing a woman, murdering a child, and abducting this teenage girl. >> we all miss you, hannah, we love you so much. >> they could have gone to another state. they could have gone to another country potentially. we just don't know at this point. >> shepard: tonight, the search for hannah. >> shepard: tearing down cleveland's house of horrors where ariel castro imprisoned three girls for years. one of his victims came back to see it and you will hear from her ahead. plus, feeling lucky? >> you never know. >> he is a lucky one. >> a jackpot measured in hundreds of millions of dollars up for grabs in power ball. i just won $50 worth. >> i w
the syrian government to a chemical weapons attack. president obama says the u.s. has concluded the syrian government was behind the chemical weapons attack reportedly killing hundreds of people, including small children. but intelligence officials tell the associated press there are still questions about who was in control of some of syria's chemical weapons president with a share assad attack. other officials who looked at the same intelligence disagree interest is a preponderance of evidence to indicate that the assad regime carried out chemical attacks in syria. >> harris: william cohen says the president should tell the american people about the evidence and the military is he planning on using. >> exactly what is it that we intend to do and the consequences likely to flow from that it's not that we can take a one off position and fire tomahawk missiles and take out a few sites. congress is rightly demanding some answers to the questions. >> the white house says it plans to give us all more answers when it releases a report on the attack. more on the u.s. losing a key ally in any mili
. whenever president obama gives the order. but syria warns it will strike back with everything it's got. plus,. >> shot my baby. >> bill: the mother who says she watched the gunman shoot her baby in the face takes the stand. >> i put my arms over my baby but he still shot him. >> bill: ahead, the emotional day in court. [cheers] >> her mother calls it a miracle welcome home, sara. >> the little girl whose family fought for a a life saving lung transplant finally goes home. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. a u.s. military is ready to go if president obama gives the order for a strike against syria. that's what defense secretary chuck hagel said today. and unu.s. official telling fox news, it is not a matter of if, but when. the white house plans to show syrian government was behind the attack. killed innocent children. joe biden said there is no doubt who is to blame. >> the syrian regime, the only ones who have the weapons. have used chemical weapons multiple times in the past. have the means of delivering those weapons. have been determined to wipe out exactly the
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obama heard about the issue today. shep. >> shepard: the so-called flash crash of 2010 caused a drop in the dow of 1,000 points. while a computer glitch caused today's problems, back in december of 1987 a squirrel reportedly caused a short-circuit that shut down the nasdaq for more than an hour. wall street survived. the squirrel did not. and seven years later another squirrel forced the exchange to close when it chewed through power cables. after all that, stocks closed higher for the first time in six trading sessions. besides the nasdaq's gain, the dow was up 66, the s&p up 14. this comes despite a report that shows more americans are fresh out of work, or were last week. the labor department reports 13,000 more people filed their first claims for jobless benefits, but the trend is clearly heading in the other direction, at least for the moment. claims have been dropping in recent weeks, and they're about half of what they were during the worst days of the great recession. >>> dramatic details about the final moments before a gunman shot a baby in the face right in front of his mo
. the white house says president obama yesterday called former president george w. bush, who is recovering from a procedure to clear a blockage in an artery in his heart, doctors say they inserted a stent on tuesday and the former president got out of hospital yesterday. a spokesperson for bush 41 says is he doing great. bush 43 i meant to say. actually, they are both doing real well. the white house says president obama wished the former president well and says is he glad to hear that the procedure was a success. 50 years ago president kennedy awarded the first medal of freedom. this year the white house says president obama will give the nation's highest civilian honor to 16 people. including former president clinton. oprah winfrey, loretta lin and posthumous award to sally rid. you can see the full list at no word yet on a date for the ceremony. more and more fans at the ball park are keeping track of everything except the game. instead of fighting social media, some are encouraging it with ball parks that will soon make it easier to pick your picks and fantasy teams.
is this is not so easy. >> the story was originally reported as another obama care waiver as the president settled into his vacation on march that's vineyard. i have the particulars of the rah fordable care act still don't like the con session. >> the president doesn't get to write legislation. and it's illegal and unconstitutional for him to try to change legislation by himself. >> individual particulars say the fact that no one notice dollars the concession for months shows obama care is simply too complex. shepard? >> shepard: wendell last month the delayed another part. the requirement for companies with more than 50 full-time tworks offer insurance. that shows it is listening to businesses. republicans call it a tactic to help democrats in the 2014 elections. a new development tonight in the case of a cancer doctor who is accused of misdiagnosing patients in order to scam medicaid of $65 million. prosecutors say they are worried he may try to leave the country. so today they convinced a judge to set his bond at $9 million. the judge also banned the detroit area doctor from practicing medicine
susan rice has been briefing president obama during his vacation on martha's vineyard but spokesman for the president continued to tap dance around the fairly obvious question of whether the crisis in egypt is a cudahy ta. >> there is certain designations that go with a coup. it's been determined by senior foreign policy officials in this administration to not make a determines. >> republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham who jointly visited egypt last week called out secretary kerry today for initially welcoming the military's overthrow of mohammed morsi. a spokesman for secretary kerry meantime would not confirm reports tonight that the u.s. is considering canceling an annual military exercise with egypt known as bright star. shep? >> shepard: james, our sister network ski news reports cameraman nic at this dean bass shot covering and later died. we're told a sniper took him out with one shot. witnesses tell us it appears the sniper may have targeted deen because he was a journalist. in fact, another journalist was also shot and killed in this conflict today. and one ana
in striking distance of syria. >> united states is looking at all options. >> president obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons now syria is threatening to strike back as united nations inspectors dodge sniper fire at the scene of a possible chemical attack. plus: >> what is this world coming to anyway? politician arrested a second teenager in the brutal killing of a world war ii veteran and: >> they just broke the window now. >> a little boy home alone when burglars break in. >> stay right there. >> he hides in the closet and calls 911 tonight why the boy is a hometown hero. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. four u.s. navy destroyers are close enough to syria to launch a missile strike at a moment's notice. that's the word from pentagon officials. defense secretary chuck hagel says the u.s. is looking at all options to respond to a suspected chemical attack in syria that reportedly killed hundreds of people, including children. but he says the u.s. will not go it alone if there is any action taken, it will be in concert wi
the fact each had signed them prior to the attack. some republican lawmakers see the obama administration thwarting cooperation with congress, too. >> nearly six months ago i wrote secretary kerry asking for the names and contact information of the state department employees who were in benghazi last september. the department refused to provide this information or even confirm the number of those wounded and the nature of their injuries. >> the cia enabled all officers involved in benghazi the opportunity to meet with congress, agency spokesman dean boyd shot back in a statement to fox news saying, we are not aware of any employees who has been prevented from sharing a concern with congress about the benghazi incident. and at least one survivor of benghazi has aired his story to congress. fox news has learned a cia operator on the ground that night has met privately with the house intelligence committee twice since december. >> whether it's about the attacks in benghazi and the talking points or revelations about conduct at the irs that attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed. >>
since president obama honored the marine sergeant dakota meyer at the white house for his fierce battling in 1909. >> because of your battle alive today. four american heros came home. in the words of jane layton's mom they could liaisons to. >> the president presented dakota meyer with a code of honor. he says his afghan translator helped him during that battle. he tells fox news that his translator is still waiting in afghanistan for a u.s. visa. until he gets one, the translator's life is very much in danger. jennifer given with more on this story from the pentagon tonight. jennifer? >> shepard, metal of honor recipient sergeant dakota myers says he never could have recovered those four americans during that heated battle in afghanistan without the help of his translator. i said i need you, i need to you go with me he said you know what? it's very dangerous. he just had a new kid. he said -- if moops day to die, it's my day to die. at that point he never looked back the reason i am bothering you, he wrote. the security situation where i am living getting worse. i'm to protect
and deadly chemical weapons attack in syria. that's the word from president obama. but he also explained why it could hurt us big time if the u.s. gets too involved. plus, a grim milestone on the number of child refugees now trying to escape that bloody civil war. that's still ahead on "the fox report." this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fiy thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. it's a reality check. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like "mine's still loading!" i couldn't get email. i couldn't stream movies. i couldn't upload any of our music. that's when i decided to switch. now that i'm on verizon, everything moves fast. with verizon, i have that reliabil
old peace treatedy with israel. earlier today the white house released a photo of president obama on the phone with his national --urity team disgusting discussing the crisis in egypt. he is condemning the fighting. >> let me say that the egyptian people deserve better than what we he have seen over the last several days. the egyptian people let me say the cycle of violence and escalation needs to stop. >> shepard: but again, the president refrained from calling the situation in egypt a coup that's the reason for what it is. if they use the label officially that would force the united states to cancel a bill nafdz in aide that we give the egyptian military each year. that money is our leverage over all of this. the state department said that only washington is continuing to review the aid to egypt. tonight, protesters and police are still killing each other in the streets. wendell goler is live from martha's vineyard tonight. >> shep, the president says both sides in the egyptian conflict have accused the u.s. of supporting the other. he says ultimately the egyptians are going to
? >> shepard, late today a spokesman traveling with the president said mr. obama is determined to strike the right balance between protecting security and protecting the privacy of americans. but the fact that the nation's most secretive spy agency briefed reporters today, also suggests mr. obama is desperate to rebuild public confidence in it. the nsa says most of the improper data collection involved cell phones that had had been tracking overseas whose owners brought them back into the u.s. without the agency realizing it but in one instance, the nsa intended to track phones in egypt, country code 20 and the computer read area code 202. that's washington, d.c. martin gellman broke the story. >> so it's an innocent mistake. it demonstrates however, the ease of which the nsa either by accidental or can pull in volumes of communications. >> mistakes reflect a tiny fraction of their operations but they say they take every mistake seriously. shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler from martha's vineyard tonight. more people think that the nsa surveillance program will hurt americans than it wil
year after president obama said a chemical weapons act in syria would be a red line with, quote, enormous consequences, unquote, it's reportedly happened again in a horrifying way. these pictures are unthinkable. syrian activists say the president bashar assad unleashed a poison gas attack that killed at least 100 people. some estimate more than 1,000. including children asleep in their beds. the video that we are not showing all of it shows victims with no wounds, no bleeding, just shaking, quivering, dying people and the dead. we can't verify the video or the claims. [crying] >> shepard: syrian officials are calling the accusations ridiculous, but more than two months ago the white house acknowledged the syrian government did indeed use chemical weapons so today on "studio b," i asked the state department spokeswoman about those enormous consequences. promised by president obama. >> the president made clear the line was crossed. we expanded the scale and scope of our aid. that's ongoing. we continue to consider all options. all options remain on the table. we are working with
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)